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Super Miron, "Super" Miron "XV" von Demarck or simply Miron von Demarck is a person. He is a member of the Kool Krazy Kerfs and is generally considered a dorp by Chill and others. He is a nasty guy. Sadly, he is the ruler of Poland. He is often associated with the Mironitis disease, which seems to have made its way into the minds of the other Kool Krazy Kerfs members and a lot of Freenode, especially ##werewolf and the Club Penguin Wiki Network. The disease is in decline as of 2015, exiting the Club Penguin Wiki Network except for Penstubal and cats (Snowstormer), who are on the way of being completely cured from Mironitis.

Miron is banned from the Encyclopedia of Truth, because he spammed.

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