Bronyism or a brony is a person obsessed with the show My Little Pony (MLP). Over the course of years, bronies have become more than just male My Little Pony fans. Bronyism became a disease. A disease that, by the end of 2015, was declared WORSE THAN MIRONITIS! Bronyism has even reached the CPWN.

Stages of the Virus

Phase A: That's when the person watches My Little Pony for the first time. Just watching it for 5 minutes can make you enter Phase A. The disease is easily curable and it shouldn't be too hard.

Phase B: That's when the person actually WATCHES THE ENTIRE EPISODE AND LIKES IT! It's curable by simply turning off the TV, computer or whatever device he is using to watch MLP.

Phase C: The person becomes obsessed with My Little Pony. The person starts actively following all news on My Little Pony, and watches all new episodes on TV. It's not really easily curable by turning off whatever device the person is using to watch MLP as the person will try to find every way they can to get to MLP. The person starts showing their bronyness online and constantly talks about it and scares people with their stories regarding My Little Pony.


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  • it's very serious I guess
    • life trheatening at that
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