Batman dunking on some noobs

"I'm Batman." -Batman

Batman is a kool superb hero. Batman became the primary symbol of DC cuz Superbman just isn't as cool. He has a sidekick named Robin who isn't as cool as Batman because he's Batman.

Because superb hero comics are REALLY confusing, there's a ton of different Batmans! :D Here are some of the Batmans that exist.


HISHE Batman


HISHE Batman is the Batman that appears on HISHE (How It Should Have Ended)! You can see him in the image being awesome and stuff. :D He goes to the Superb Cafe with Superbman and drinks superb coffee.

LEGO Batman

LEGO Batman is the Batman in the LEGO Batman games. (are you confused yet? o ok) That's kinda all you need to know. Oh yeah he's made out of LEGOs!!! :D


  • he's actually Bruce Wayne but don't tell him I told you that
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